New Gold Standard Parcel Mapping


November 23, 2015

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Features Feature Description Competitive Advantage
Parcel Viewing
    GeoJet offers parcels as map data layer on Bing/Google/Open Street Maps.
  • It includes street numbers, lot dimensions, and condominium/townhouse units.
  • Street numbers are labeled in the direction of the facing of the property.
  • Most beautiful and most intuitive rendering of parcel maps.
  • Very easy to integrate and deploy.
  • View below or click here for a sample.
Mobile Auto Formatting
  • Maps are automatically formatted to match the display size of their smart phones and tablets.
  • Emailed reports adapt to viewing devices.
  • No Apps download. It eliminates the cost to develop and maintain apps for various platforms.
  • Inter-operable between desktop and mobile.
Location Callout Boxes
  • GeoJet offers Callout boxes to display subject parcel and/or listing information, while supports the "Industry Standard" pinpoint on maps.
  • Multiple Callout Boxes do not overlap. Both automatic placement and manual adjustment are offered.
  • GeoJet is the only company who offers multiple callout boxes for properties on map.
  • View below or click here for samples of using callout boxes for comparables, and
  • Contact us for user's interaction with GeoJet Callout boxes.
Color by Zoning and/or Land Use
    GeoJet offers parcel maps color coded by zoning and/or land use
    The maps portraits the land use in the neighborhood.

    View below or click here for a sample.

Software Development Kit & API
    GeoJetís parcel map solutions come with a Software Development Kit (SDK). It supports
  • Bing/Google/OpenStreet Maps,
  • IE/Chrome/FireFox/Safari, and
  • Smart phones and tablets.
  • APIs are  the fastest way to deploy and integrate parcel mapping today.
  • Sublicense of Bing or Google Maps when applicable.
  • Open Street Maps is a free offering in the public domain.
Integrity of Mapping and Support
    GeoJet assures the correctness, completeness and integrity of parcel mapping. Our system
  • Maps and labels Condominiums, Townhouses, Mobile homes, and Vacant Lands.
  • Optimizes viewing of both large rural parcels and urban high density residential lots.
  • Locates and maps land that does not have civic addresses.
  • Handles parcels divided by administrative boundaries and man-made structures.
  • Allow users to identify any parcels by clicking the parcel to display relevant information of the property.
  • Overlays with flood zone maps to resolve the ambiguity where properties resides within a flood zone partially.
  • Supports Save/Edit/Print/Email/Embed/Share of maps.

  • GeoJet answers support calls on questions of parcel maps.


A Geographic Information System or GIS is a tool to store, organize and use information linked to a particular location.  By delivering property details and location information from disparate systems though a Visual Portal, GeoJet has revolutionized userís ability to interpret complex GIS information that was once only available to governments and large corporations. GeoJet Information Solutions Inc. (GeoJet) has been offering Parcel Mapping for decades. Our User Experience has evolved to allow users to click though simple parcel maps to access multiple pre-packaged reports about every aspect of a property and community with one click.


1. Parcels on Bing/Google/OpenStreet Maps. 

GeoJet not only acquires digital Parcel Map Data, but we add unique detail to our offering that saves users time and money: the street number layer and lot dimension layer. Imaging glancing at a map and seeing every house on a street with itsí number overlaid on the image? To make this possible GeoJet creates and places and aligns the street number over a property image and near the front of the property for instant recognition thereby eliminating wasted time guessing whether a parcel is correct or not. Add to that GeoJet delivers the property outline and dimensions on the same image, it becomes clear that with only a glance, GeoJet Parcel Maps are the cleanest and quickest solution available. 

GeoJet is the only company offering this quality of parcel maps on Bing Maps and Google Maps.

Data coverage: 80% of population  in the U.S. A. and  90% in Western Canada.

Click here for samples on Google Maps.


2. Mobile Auto Formatting

Many organizations have recently gone through the development of downloadable applications that enable hand-held devices to review data and deliver property reports. While they provide great benefits to Realtors, they pose a major issue for consumers of the data unless they download a similar application to view and interact with the reports. Itís similar to saying to a client, you can call me but you need to get this special telephone.

GeoJet has eliminated this technology hurdle, by delivering an interface that auto-senses the screen size of the user. Further, reports generated to fulfill client information requests emailed with embedded links that auto-sense the receivers device and auto formatís the results for any Android, Apple or other sized smart phone or tablet.  This methodology has virtually eliminated the need for, and concern for, downloads, version management and development of clunky clients.


3. Location Callout Boxes

While it is an industry standard to draw a pinpoint on maps and reference an adjacent source for additional information, GeoJet Parcel mapping delivers Callout boxes with all the relevant information about a particular parcel by moving mouse over it with your screen cursor. Open Callout boxes may remain on the map to be used in reports and other communications as they do not overlap. Active Call-out Boxes may also be grabbed and moved about the screen to find the best screen position when finalizing a report.

GeoJet Call out boxes utilize active links meaning that each callout box may contain links to launch further reports or applications. This time saving feature means that searches are conducted only once and other reports and information is done with the press of a button.

GeoJet is the only company offering the Callout boxes on community maps for every parcel, and the tools to keep the listing details from overlapping.  For developers both auto-positioning and manual adjustments are supported.

The following is a sample of using GeoJet's Callout Boxes to display comparable sales. The red house icon is the location of the subject property. Please contact us if you wish to learn how users interact with the callout boxes.



4. Parcel Maps with Zoning

Zoning is the product of City and county planning records and resides within tax data. GeoJet utilizes this information to literally colour code parcels, public access and other land use details, so that users have a 360 degree view of any impediments or opportunities that may affect the utility of a property.

To increase the effectiveness of zoning data, you may conduct searches for zoning/future land use/parcel mapping information on properties or across a region.  Clients with specific needs such as Soil Information, Pipelines, Transportation, etc. may request integration or can utilize our SDK to meet their specific needs.



5. GeoJet SDK. 

GeoJetís parcel map solutions come with a Software Development Kit (SDK). We also utilize APIís for those organizations looking to increase the value of their own in-house solutions, but donít have structured license agreements with Google or Bing Maps. The system supports the latest version of Bing, Google and Open Street Maps. Open Street Maps is a free offering in the public domain.

GeoJet SDK includes documentations on the API, sample codes to make use of the API.


6. Complete Parcel Mapping System

GeoJet's parcel mapping system has been evolved with our decade's long services of Realtorsģ. It possesses the features and expertise to solve every problem  that may be encountered during a real estate sale process. Specifically, our system

Contact us at should you wish to learn more about those features.


7. Support

We understands that even experts require clarification on certain parcel records, including new housing developments, land use changes, or Land Title's made up of multiple parcels. Whatever the reason, GeoJet is always available to answer client questions to resolve issues, develop enhancements or save time.

To learn more about GeoJetís unique offering and discuss your requirements in detail, contact us at or call directly on our toll free number at 1-866-243-6538.